Prince Lebanese Grill Arlington,Texas


diners-10394486_1426829877594454_4277698342043641236_nIn my first culinary adventure that’s being documented me and  a group of friends took to Arlington to enjoy what was a delicious mediterranean meal. Prince Lebanese has been in Arlington, Texas since 1989 when founder and current owner bought an old Sonic Drive in. Since then it has taken a rise in fame and was featured on Guy Fieri and Food Networks “Diners, Drive In’s , and Dives”.

When I arrived at the restaurant I was astonished at how they transformed this old drive in to a full fledge restaurant. As we sat down and got settled it wasn’t that long that or waitress came to take our order for drinks. We all decided to order the Mazza  Plate as an appetizer. While par-taking of the Mazza Plate I enjoyed the best pita bread and baba ganoush I have ever had. There hummus was good but I would not rank it in my top 5 but definitely my top 10. img_1705

As we finished the appetizers off it wasn’t long before the meals we ordered had arrived. I myself ordered the Lamb Shawarma Plate. It was my favourite plate of Lamb Shawarma I have had all time. This is after having lived in New York City and trying some of America’s best of the best. The lamb was seasoned just right, not to much seasoning so you could actually taste the lamb. The first bite I took I was sure to get rice with the lamb Shawarma and I topped it with there in-shop made Tzatziki Sauce. The first bite had me in heaven, you can ask those that went with to confirm, because the reaction on my face said it all. The Tzatziki sauce was hands down the best i’ve had.


After I finished eating I went and asked to see if I could talk to the owner. So about 3 minutes later “The Prince” Francis Kobty came out and greeted me and then I had asked for a picture.


After meeting him I went back o the table and the chef came out and asked us how the food was and we all replied that the food was great. I also asked to take a picture with the chef whose name I was unable to get.


Overall I would give this place a 8 out of 10. Good food and excellent customer service. I cant wait to go back and try the falafel plate next.


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