Book Review :Seven Mile Miracle By Steven Furtick

I myself find that I usually enjoy and our inspired by Furticks books, but for some reason this book did not do well in keeping my attention. I have had the privilege of being selected to read and review “Seven Mile Miracle” and because of being selected I received a complimentary physical copy of this book from Blogging for Books. I find Steven Furtick is a very relate-able pastor and has a uniqueness that just grabs the attention of today’s church goers.

(You can find more put about Steven Furtick by clicking here.)

In this book Furtick goes the “Seven last words of Jesus” and what they mean to us. I myself having been in ministry now for 6 years find a lot of what he brings into play in this book to be very elementary teachings. Though to me they may seem elementary it is actually very good to go over them and refresh ourselves and re-learn these things.

This book is also filled full of quotes I absolutely love. I will just share one of them with you.

It wont make complete sense until you see Christ face to face and he makes you like he is. So we dont need Jesus to “remember” us just once — when we first turn to him in faith We need him to “remember” us over and over again. We need him to remember us when we are being tempted. Wee need him to remember us when life’s been hard and we’re discouraged. We need him to remember us when were fearful.

We need him to remember us when we’re confused and don’t know what to do. We need him to remember us when others break our hearts. We need him to re member us when we have to make decisions. We need him to remember us when death draws near. Get used to saying with the repentant thief, “Jesus,remember me”.”

– Steven Furtick

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