“Your Magnificent Chooser” By John Ortberg : A Book Review

This book here is honestly probably one of the highest quality children’s books I’ve seen coming out from a christian author and publisher. John Ortberg really dives into the everyday decisions we make with our “chooser”. It explains to the kid’s as we grow older our “chooser” gets more power. In other words we get to make more decisions.


This book is filled with wonderful illustrations that capture the interest of the young reader. It also uses very well thought out and planned rhyming schemes. This book will help your child understand the importance of making good choices with their “chooser”. It goes over how if you have trouble making choices we can turn to God because he has the best “chooser” of them all. It covers how as your child grows older they can use their “chooser” to pick a career field. Overall this book is a must have in your childs library. Trust me when I say this book is a must have. Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

God bless and keep checking in for my next book review.


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