So Little We Are, With Such Massive Dreams

Photo Credit: Priscilla Perumalla


Have you ever just took the time and just thought of your past dreams and where you would be if you actually pursued them? We all are like children really if you think about we are these tiny things in a big big world, yet we have these God sized dreams. What are some of the dreams you wish you would have pursued? I only really recall one I wish I would have pursued and you may laugh at me because of it but I wanted to be a Power Ranger. Yes that’s right one of those martial artist in spandex suits and a mask,so now you know I can geek out. Had I known the steps to become an actor that would play a ranger I probably would have worked on acting more as a child.


God gives us God sized dreams to pursue, I remember being 7 years old and being in kindergarten and on career day we were asked to draw a picture of what we wanted to be when we got older. Most of the boys in my class either drew construction workers, police men, or firefighters. I myself drew a pastor with a blue blazer, blue jeans, brown designer shoes, and a gold watch and  3 rings; kind of sounds like a guy out of a gangster film right? But it wasn’t it was almost a spitting image of the youth pastor at my church and at the age of 7 my desire to be a youth pastor began. As a child I had this huge dream that grew even bigger with an actual dream I had and ill mention that later. I know have been in ministry full time for 3 years now. I remember someone once telling me:

“God gives you your dreams”

– Unknown

God puts us on certain missions in life but we often find ourselves kind of looking at our dream like its to hard to accomplish. God never said following him would be easy but hey it is worth it. When I found this photo on my friends facebook I just thought man we live in a big world and man do we have big dreams. But I feel like the boy in the picture is looking out at this confidently. We have to be confident in our dreams and confident that God will be there to help us make the dream come into existence.

So you guys now the beginning of my pursuit to be a youth pastor started when I was 7 right? Well when I was 8 I ave my life to the Lord and when a did that a week later on a Saturday night I had a dream that I was preaching to youth and when I went to church the next day there was a guy who operated in the gift of the prophetic at times and he said after he prayed over me that God showed him me on a stage preaching to thousands o teens just like I saw the night before, but wait that’s not all 3 other people from the church who prayed over me that sunday had the same dream as well. Now that is called conformation.  Be sure before you begin pursuing what you feel is a dream God has given you, to find people who feel the same way about it.

Now years down the road God took the dream I had and grew it. I remember being in Florida School Of Discipleship and helping set up sound in Daytona Beach, Florida for the Assembly Of God’s Peninsular Florida Districts Youth Convention and as I was there I was asked to test out mics and as I was looking out into the empty seats of the arena and a comfort came over me at that point I knew that I wasnt called just to be a youth pastor but a person who would make an impact on thousands and if not millions of youth in my lifetime. That is what im working towards now and I know it wont be an easy road but I do know one day with God’s help I will see it.

Bottom line dont put a limit on the dreams God gives you, also never ever give up on those dreams because even though they seem large to you through the eyes of God they are small.


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