Abortion Doctor Turns Pro-Life After Crazy Dream

My Thoughts Before You Read:

I myself stand as a Pro-Life Advocate. Around 22 years ago my mother became pregnant with me after a high school party. She then later decided she did not want a child so she had started considering abortion. We obviously know her decision, but if it wasn’t for her being invited to church she would have aborted me. I myself am a miracle because of that alone.

I myself can’t bring myself to justify murdering an unborn child especially after having done so many things already. Having talked to my mother about this on several occasions she keeps telling me “I’m happy I made the decision to not abort you, having seen who you’ve become as well as what you’re continuing to do.”. That alone brings her so much joy, Think about if you were to get an abortion you could be aborting the person who finds a cure to cancer, you could be aborting one of the next world leaders.


I think you should also take a look at this way as well:

What if you didn’t want an abortion but your doctor gave you one without your permission? Would you take it to court? More than likely you would and the doctor would be convicted and more than likely sentenced as a murderer? So why is it that only the women gets to decide whether it’s life or not?


Now that you have had a good look on my view on the subject and why I stand as a Pro-Lifer, let’s get to the article. This is an interesting article as the abortion doctor spent 26 years doing what he did to then later have such a dream that not only changed his career but became the beginning pf the reshaping on his view on life. I could never bring myself to continue aborting baby especially after having a dream like that. It was very obvious God wanted to get his attention and He was successful doing so. Read the article below and see what i’m talking about. (Original Article Here)


An Article From CBN:

What Made This Abortion Doctor Turn Pro-Life


Stojan Adsevic dedicated 26 years of his life to performing a total of 48,000 abortions in communist Serbia.

That all changed overnight when he went to sleep and saw the faces of the children he aborted in his dreams.

Adasevic “dreamed about a beautiful field full of children and young people who were playing and laughing, from four to 24 years of age, but who ran away from him in fear. A man dressed in a black and white habit stared at him in silence. The dream was repeated each night and he would wake up in a cold sweat,” the National Catholic Register reported.

Finally, Thomas Aquinas, the ancient Christian theologian, appeared to him in the dream. When Adasevic asked, “Who are these children?” Aquinas replied, “They are the ones you killed with your abortions.”

The dream haunted Adsevic and stayed with him even when he went to work the next day. His cousin’s girlfriend came in to have an abortion, but this time something was very different.

“I grabbed something, crushed it a little, removed it, and threw it onto a cloth. I look, and I see a hand – quite a large hand. The child was 3, perhaps 4 months old. I had no tape to measure it.

… As I pull out the mess, thinking it will be bone fragments I lay it on the cloth, I look, and I see a human heart, contracting and expanding and beating, beating, beating. I thought I would go mad. I can see that the heartbeat is slowing, ever more slowly, and more slowly still, until it finally stops completely. Nobody could’ve seen what I had seen with my very own eyes, and be more convinced than I was — I had killed a human being.”

From then on, Adasevic renounced his job and refused to perform another abortion. He has told his story to newspapers and television stations throughout Eastern Europe in hopes of saving the lives of the unborn.


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