Christian Clubs In Public Schools A Battleground Where Teens Wage War

Where We Are Now:

According To The Article Below Gives You An Idea Of Where We Are Today On This Issue. You Can Find The Original Article HERE.

A Washington state school district has reversed its decision to ban evangelism clubs from its schools.

According to, Cascade School District initially banned the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) and the Good News Clubs from interacting with students due to a complaint from a parent.

The school district feared a costly lawsuit; however, they decided to reverse the decision after Liberty Counsel stepped in and explained to school officials that it is perfectly legal for the Christian groups to distribute flyers on school grounds.

The district then promptly reversed the ban. According to Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver:

“The Cascade School District made the appropriate decision to eliminate the unconstitutional policy and recognize that the Good News Club has equal access to students. Public schools cannot discriminate against Christian viewpoints and allow other organizations to promote their materials. We are elated with this victory for Child Evangelism Fellowship, for equal access and for our Constitution.”
The Cascade school district has reportedly been pressured into enacting policies against Christian groups in the past. The atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the district, complaining about Gideon Bibles being distributed on school grounds in 2013.

Liberty Counsel also stepped in in that situation to prove to the district that distributing the Bibles was legal.

My Personal Experience (6 Years Ago):

I recall being a leader and Campus Missionary to my old high school Oskaloosa Senior HIgh School and being met with a lot of opposition in trying to get a campus club started. I remember having a paper with all my rights as a student attending a public school in the United States and walking into the office asking to see the principle in hopes of starting the first ever christian campus club for my high school. I was shut down and denied the opportunity and compared to Neo-Nazi’s and other extremist groups. I was heartbroken I had lost the chance to have a campus club that would allow fellow believers to come together and just pray and have a bible study once a week. I recall also telling the principle that he was violating my rights by not allowing me to have the campus club, in fact I showed him my rights as a student but he kinda of just smocked at me. I had thought about seeking out legal help as it was a week later when a good friend of mine got in trouble for reading his bible in his free time during a class, he got suspended and I was filled with anger. But regardless I never pursued legal action and to this day I do regret not taking that long road.


As A Student What Can You Do To Show Your Faith?

There are several things you can do as a christian believer attending a public school system to show your faith that you have the legal right to do and here is a list of a few of them:

  1. Start A Faith Based Student Lead Campus Club (click here for more info)
  2. Become A Campus Missionary (click here for more info)
  3. Work On Getting A School Assembly Setup With The 7 Project (click here for more info)
  4. Prayer Before Lunch

What If I Feel My Rights As A Student Are Being Violated?

If you truly feel your rights are being violated first we have to go about this in a biblical manner which means:

  1. Know Your Rights (Your Rights Here)
  2. Confront Them Yourself
  3. If 1 on 1 Confronting Doesn’t Work Bring A Friend
  4. If After Bringing A Friend Notify Your Pastor Or Youth Pastor And Have Them Come Meet With You And WHo You Are Dealing With
  5. If It Doesn’t Work By Then Take It TO The School District
  6. If The School District Doesn’t Budge Contact  ACLJ (Contact ACLJ Here)

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  1. Alivia Schmidt · January 31, 2017

    This is good Clay this has inspired me to do more reading the BIBLE in school


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