The Frightening Phillipi Jail: Childrens Book Review

All I can say is this was a great book as it gives light to children of what Paul endured while in Jail in Phillipi. It was very well illustrated and easy to understand for kid’s. Though I may not be a fan of it personally I think any kid would love it. THus you should consider purchasing it for your child.


The Ragamuffin Gospel: Book Review

Having heard of Brennan Manning and the term he uses Ragamuffin after watching the film Ragamuffin ad coming across this book after it was listed on blogging for books. I became immediately interested in reading it because of the extreme impact it had on Rich Mullins during his life. I received my copy from Blogging For Books for review. I very pleased with Manning’s book as he went into how Christianity is not something easy or clean…. In fact it’s very messy at times. If your looking for a book full of challenges and one that is going to sit with you forever I highly recommend Brennan Manning’s “The Ragamuffin Gospel.”

“Heaven Bound” Movie Review

“Heaven Bound” is a great family friendly film filled with lots of laughter and a great life lessons as well as a life altering question, “What will you do for eternity?”. In this film a successful marketer has a bad turn on luck. This leads to him and his wife having some marital issues. They find themselves in a situation which is filled with comical moments and great life lessons.

Out of many christian films I’ve seen this is easily in my favorite 10 category. One character hilariously named “Moochie” after his habit of mooching off people is a hilarious fun filled character with a love for food and nunchucks. My personal favorite character in this movie is Dr. Drake, though in his final days, he shows tremendous amounts of grace hoping to impact a few souls. Overall I give this movie a 9/10. Do not miss out on this movie.

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Heaven Bound DVD

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Book Review: When God Made You

This book is a great children’s book, talking about being who God made you to be. It talks about how God has a plan for us even before we were born. It shows us that God really cares for us. This book goes over and shows children how we are made in God’s image, how we are creators just like Him. The book emphasizes on just being you because that is what God intended for you to be. I this will be my third blog on a book and I received this complementary copy for reviewing from Blogging For Books.

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Prince Lebanese Grill Arlington,Texas


diners-10394486_1426829877594454_4277698342043641236_nIn my first culinary adventure that’s being documented me and  a group of friends took to Arlington to enjoy what was a delicious mediterranean meal. Prince Lebanese has been in Arlington, Texas since 1989 when founder and current owner bought an old Sonic Drive in. Since then it has taken a rise in fame and was featured on Guy Fieri and Food Networks “Diners, Drive In’s , and Dives”.

When I arrived at the restaurant I was astonished at how they transformed this old drive in to a full fledge restaurant. As we sat down and got settled it wasn’t that long that or waitress came to take our order for drinks. We all decided to order the Mazza  Plate as an appetizer. While par-taking of the Mazza Plate I enjoyed the best pita bread and baba ganoush I have ever had. There hummus was good but I would not rank it in my top 5 but definitely my top 10. img_1705

As we finished the appetizers off it wasn’t long before the meals we ordered had arrived. I myself ordered the Lamb Shawarma Plate. It was my favourite plate of Lamb Shawarma I have had all time. This is after having lived in New York City and trying some of America’s best of the best. The lamb was seasoned just right, not to much seasoning so you could actually taste the lamb. The first bite I took I was sure to get rice with the lamb Shawarma and I topped it with there in-shop made Tzatziki Sauce. The first bite had me in heaven, you can ask those that went with to confirm, because the reaction on my face said it all. The Tzatziki sauce was hands down the best i’ve had.


After I finished eating I went and asked to see if I could talk to the owner. So about 3 minutes later “The Prince” Francis Kobty came out and greeted me and then I had asked for a picture.


After meeting him I went back o the table and the chef came out and asked us how the food was and we all replied that the food was great. I also asked to take a picture with the chef whose name I was unable to get.


Overall I would give this place a 8 out of 10. Good food and excellent customer service. I cant wait to go back and try the falafel plate next.

“I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”

The Story Behind the Song

The title of this devotion probably sounds familiar; as it was intended to jog your memory and get you think about the great hymn “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”. Many of you may be unaware that the story behind this hymn is quite touching and shouts boldness. I have not read the book containing the story, but I was lucky enough to have a pastor once include the story as a part of his sermon. Since then it has yet to leave my mind. I bet your very curious to hear the story behind this great hymn.

Almost 200 years ago, there was a great revival that broke out in Wales. Because of this massive revival, many missionaries started coming from England to the North-East part of India for the sole purpose of doing their part in fulfilling the Great Commission. The region the missionaries came to was known as Assam and it had hundreds of tribes. These tribes in the Assam region were quite aggressive and primitive. Tribesmen were often referred to as head hunters; their job was to attain as many heads as they could. The collecting of heads was thought to show how suitable a man was for a wife. If he had many heads, he proved that he was strong and could protect his wife.

Into this aggressive and hostile area moved a Welsh missionary family. While in the village, they spread the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ. Being outsiders, they weren’t welcomed in the village. One of the missionaries from the Welsh family finally succeeded in leading a family (husband, wife, and two children) to the Lord. This man’s faith proved strong and contagious as many other villagers began accepting Jesus into their lives.

This turn of events made the village chief very angry. The village chief summoned all the villagers, then he called for the first family the Welsh missionaries had led to the Lord. He demanded them to renounce their faith or face persecution. The husband, led by the Holy Spirit sung out “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back.” The chief, enraged by the husband refusal to denounce Christ, ordered his two children to be executed. As his two children lay on the ground lifeless and twitching, the chief asked “Will you deny your faith? You have lost both your children. You will lose your wife too.” The man replied again singing, “Though none go with me, still I will follow. No turning back.” The Chief then ordered the man’s wife to be executed. In view of their lifeless bodies, the Chief then said, “I will give you one more opportunity to deny your faith and live.” In the face of death the man sang out, “The cross before me, the world behind me. No turning back, no turning back.” The man was executed and joined the rest of his family in eternity.

With their deaths, something miraculous took place. The chief was so moved by this act, that he wanted what this man and his family had. He declared with his mouth, “I too belong to Jesus Christ.”

This story has shaken me since I first heard it. It encourages me daily as a reminder of what being bold in faith actually means. It means we are willing to take it with us to the grave. It means we will never deny our faith in Jesus Christ even when threatened with death. The obedience of one missionary, leading one man and his family to Jesus, who then took a brave stand that led to his death. However, his refusal to deny Christ, even during the worst circumstances, led to the change of his entire village. Man, God is good! This story gets me pumped every time. I hope the story has done for you as much as it has done for me.

Book Review :Seven Mile Miracle By Steven Furtick

I myself find that I usually enjoy and our inspired by Furticks books, but for some reason this book did not do well in keeping my attention. I have had the privilege of being selected to read and review “Seven Mile Miracle” and because of being selected I received a complimentary physical copy of this book from Blogging for Books. I find Steven Furtick is a very relate-able pastor and has a uniqueness that just grabs the attention of today’s church goers.

(You can find more put about Steven Furtick by clicking here.)

In this book Furtick goes the “Seven last words of Jesus” and what they mean to us. I myself having been in ministry now for 6 years find a lot of what he brings into play in this book to be very elementary teachings. Though to me they may seem elementary it is actually very good to go over them and refresh ourselves and re-learn these things.

This book is also filled full of quotes I absolutely love. I will just share one of them with you.

It wont make complete sense until you see Christ face to face and he makes you like he is. So we dont need Jesus to “remember” us just once — when we first turn to him in faith We need him to “remember” us over and over again. We need him to remember us when we are being tempted. Wee need him to remember us when life’s been hard and we’re discouraged. We need him to remember us when were fearful.

We need him to remember us when we’re confused and don’t know what to do. We need him to remember us when others break our hearts. We need him to re member us when we have to make decisions. We need him to remember us when death draws near. Get used to saying with the repentant thief, “Jesus,remember me”.”

– Steven Furtick

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“Your Magnificent Chooser” By John Ortberg : A Book Review

This book here is honestly probably one of the highest quality children’s books I’ve seen coming out from a christian author and publisher. John Ortberg really dives into the everyday decisions we make with our “chooser”. It explains to the kid’s as we grow older our “chooser” gets more power. In other words we get to make more decisions.


This book is filled with wonderful illustrations that capture the interest of the young reader. It also uses very well thought out and planned rhyming schemes. This book will help your child understand the importance of making good choices with their “chooser”. It goes over how if you have trouble making choices we can turn to God because he has the best “chooser” of them all. It covers how as your child grows older they can use their “chooser” to pick a career field. Overall this book is a must have in your childs library. Trust me when I say this book is a must have. Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

God bless and keep checking in for my next book review.

Who Is Called To Evangelize?

I’m pretty sure you all have heard of an evangelist by now but not many of you may know exactly what an evangelist actually is so let me explain. Most evangelist you will not find on the TV although it has been a method before. An Evangelist is simply one who is called to preach the story of Jesus Christ and His purpose for Jesus on earth.

Are Evangelising and Evangelist Similar ?

The two word though similar in meaning and purpose are two different things. For instance an Evangelist is someone who evangelizes because they feel called to do that by God and they have a strong zeal to do so.

Evangelism and Who Is Called To Evangelize?

18 Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. 19 Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations,[a] baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. 20 Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

– Matthew 28:18-20

This verse is known as the Great Commission, and with that being said this is where we get our call as average everyday followers of Christ to go out and tell people about Jesus and what he came to do for us. With this being said we are all called to evangelize but not all of us carry the gifting of an Evangelist as evangelist are often picked by God and given the tools to evangelize to people like their life depends on it

Everyone is called to evangelize one way or another. That leaves me with this final closing statement. Will you answer the call to speak to someone about Christ or will you just be another percentage in “Couch Potato Christianity”.

Be Faithful In Little And God Will Reward You With The Large

 “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.”

– Luke 16:10

An Intro

Have you ever actually took time and pondered the success of so many people we would claim to be “great leaders in the faith”  such as Billy Graham, Leonard Ravenhill, RC Sproul, Chuck Swindoll, Charles H Spurgeon, C.S. Lewis, Martin Luther, and so many others. Think about how this single verse impacted the life of these believers.

I can recall being on academic probation a lot during my time in Florida School of Discipleship, I did poorly in academics so part of my punishment was having to right this verse over and over again and to be completly honest I have forgotten how many times I had written that scripture. Believe me when I say this I will never forget this verse and I thank Stephen for making me do this as later on it became something for me to live by. It motivated me to do my best and be faithful in what God has given me.

A Tour That Changed Me

In my previous blog article I reviewed “The Cross And The Switchblade” and the impact it had on me. Well a little more than a year ago I had the opportunity while living in New York City to go check out Brooklyn Teen Challenge (The First Teen Challenge). When I went there and I saw the first house they ever used (back in the day Teen Challenge was called Timothy House) the thought of how Nicky Cruz and Israel was living in that house just shot through me like lighting. I was so astonished that such a large organization (now over 1,200 Teen Challenges in over  118 nations.) came from such humble beginnings. By New York City standards the house was just an above average sized house. In that house there are only 4 bedrooms, 1 makeshift classroom, a basement with a prayer room and fellowship room, a kitchen, a living room turned chapel, and a study turned office. David Wilkerson was faithful with the little that God intrusted him with and now his legacy is huge. His decision to remain trustworthy in the little turned into a huge impact on millions of men,women, and teens.

The Mustard Seed

“I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.”

-Matthew 17:20.

The mustard seed is the smallest of seeds, yet it becomes one of the largest trees known to man. Bottom line when we sow faith the size of a mustard seed into what we feel God has called us to and we keep watering it after awhile that mustard seed will grow into a tree and it will just be massive.

I hope you all got as much as I did from this. Please do feel free to comment! In the mean time! See  ya soon and God bless!